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Jennifer Lopez Cheating On Drake

Everything seems not to be going well in the Drizzy and JLo camp. After going through a number of downs from Drake feeling jealous over JLo’s ex Casper still texting her to Drake dealing with the fact that Jennifer doesn’t want to have more kids even if it’s with him (like who turns down Drake seriously!!!) now he has to deal with her wild nights.

Jennifer was seen partying with an unknown Latino man while in Miami and later she shared an Instagram video of her enjoying Latin music on Monday (she’s really into the vibe).


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This comes a week after Drake was spotted at a Japanese Restaurant enjoying a dinner date with the famous porn star Rosee Devine in Amsterdam. Their date clearly showed something was going on as Devine continuously held Drake’s hands although it was clear Drake was nervous as he continuously checked his phone probably waiting on Lopez’s message nailing him.

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