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Johnny Depp Running Broke

Johnny Depp’s former business managers Joel and Rob Mandel on Tuesday filed a counter suit against the actor on grounds of negligence as regards his extravagant lifestyle that led to his recent financial troubles. This comes in two weeks after Depp sued the group on grounds of mismanaging his earnings that amounted to Shs. 89.5 billion ($25m).

He further added on that the company failed to file his tax returns on time that cost him Shs.20 billion ($5.7m) in penalties.

However, on Tuesday his business managers had another side to the story as they claimed that Depp was excessively extravagant a habit that he continuously ignored.


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According to them, Depp spent more than Shs 7.1 billion ($2m) a month as the lawsuit claims Depp paid more than Shs.268 billion ($75m) to buy and maintain 14 homes including a French Chateau and a cocktail of islands in the Bahamas.

The suit further elaborates that he bought a 150-foot yacht, flew on private jets and was a collector of fine art and Hollywood memorabilia that required 12 storage facilities to maintain. The company further claims it filed returns in time when the money was available.

The Mandel brothers have worked with Depp since 1999 to early 2016 and its best to remember that this is the time when he made most of his money on movies like the Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise, Alice in Wonderland and many more.

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