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Platnumz Cheated on Zari for the Watery Mabetto

Diamond Platnumz, the Bongo flava star of Tanzania came out and admitted that he had cheated on Zari Hassan with the watery Hamisa Mobetto.

Platnumz finally answered and confirmed our long-awaited question for whether the cheating rumors between him and Mabetto were true, and now it’s all out in the light for everyone to see.

The juicy Hamisa had starred in video for the hit song “Salome” which saw her and Diamond take it to the next level with an affair that ended with a pregnancy, which Diamond previously denied responsibility for.

One-time Diamond once referred to the beauty Hamisa as an attention seeker when she first claimed that he was carrying his child.  He even went further and asked her to come out and name the man responsible.

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The juicy Hamisa Mabetto in her good days

Platnumz Cheated on Zari for the Watery Mabetto - Spur Magazine
The hot Hamisa Mabetto that stole Diamond Platnumz heart.

However, on September 19, Diamond was lost for words when speaking during a radio interview with popular Tanzanian show Leo Tena, he admitted to being the father of one-month-old Abdul Latif Naseeb Abdul Juma who was named after the musicians’ father Abdul Naseeb.

According to reports by Nation, Zari was aware of this affair the whole time and knows what happened between her hubby and Mabetto while she was in South Africa for business.

The crooner says he was able to explain to Zari what transpired between him and Mobetto and she was fully supportive of him.

These things happen in life but the most important thing is how you deal with it as a man. There is no need of creating a war where there is none. Later on, in life, the children will grow up together and they will be happy as a family.”

Strong words from the man himself. But we don’t blame him, Mabetto’s water was too much for him to handle. Keep your seats glued as this show has just started.

Platnumz Cheated on Zari for the Watery Mabetto 1

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