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Samsung Phones Might Be Leaking Your Nudes to Random People

There have been numerous reports by Samsung phone owners that their devices are sending camera photos to random contacts without permission. If you own one, move or delete your nudes before they get sent out to someone accidentally.

This issue was first noticed by Android Central, users complaining about it on Reddit and on Samsung official forums. The message is being sent through the Samsung SMS app, Samsung Messages and it doesn’t even notify you after sending them until the excited receiver responds back in confusion.

There is even a user who claims that phone sent all his photos to his girlfriend. You can imagine if you are the girlfriend and the photos you see have this guy with his side kintu taking down a pizza or KFC.

It is still unclear yet how the messages are being sent but it might be through MMS or an SMS with a link.

Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus standing - Spurzine
Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus – Spurzine

The primary cause is not certain, but it might be due to a new update that allows for RCS messaging updates. This new messaging standard makes the SMS experience more chat like just as it is in modern messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. It shows when the user is typing and read receipts.

The update is being pushed out by the telecoms such as T-Mobile but they have denied the problem rooting from them, when contacted, they referred all queries to Samsung.

Samsung said it is aware of the issue and that they are looking into it. The most reported phones affected on the forum are Galaxy S9 and S9+ but we advised that all Samsung phone owners exercise caution.

For now, you can simply revoke the permissions access storage or media for your Samsung Messaging app in settings so that it doesn’t send files out.

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