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Selena Gomez Could Be Pregnant for The Weeknd

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd have only been dating for weeks now but it has been reported that the two are having jitters of a probable pregnancy and a looming wedding.

Pics floating around of the new couple seem to show that Selena Gomez is crazy about The Weekend and she keeps telling pals that he’s the ONE.

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd confirmed their romance on January 10 when they stepped out for dinner in Santa Monica and didn’t shy away from expressing their attraction to one another in front of the cameras.

According to TMZ, there are several hints such as Selena always complaining to those close to her that she’s always too tired to stay out for long and she feels nauseous. She’s also been having weird cravings to match her unstoppable craze for ice cream.

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An insider went on to reveal that Selena has always said that she can’t wait to have a child. Despite being in love with The Weeknd for just few weeks, Selena has been constantly telling friends how much she wants to be a mom.

Could Selena be really pregnant with The Weeknd’s child or she’s just outgrowing the party scene?

Selena Gomez Could Be Pregnant for The Weeknd 2

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