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Sheebah Denies Leaked Nude Video


A supposed nude video with a woman who looks like Sheebah Karungi has been making a lot of rounds on social media especially WhatsApp.

The video shows a hand that seems to be of another woman rubbing what seems like baby oil in abundance on the woman’s big butt with her panties down as she faces the wall.

When the woman turns to look back it looks like a younger Sheebah of about a year ago or so. She also had almost the same hair curls like Sheebah used to rock so proudly sometimes.

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We don’t believe the woman in this video is Sheebah because the bum was just humongous compared to Sheebah’s and her pom pom was HUGE! This is most likely leaked from a porn video with just a close resemblance to Sheebah.

Fans have breathed a sigh of relief after Sheebah came out on Instagram with a photo in the same posture showing her tattoos on her back saying she has never been prouder of them since honestly, they just saved her skin.


I Love My Tattos More Now?

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