The Year of Sheeba 2016: The Talented Ug Dancer & Musician


If You really love local ziki, then you’ve got to accept that 2016 has been the unstoppable year of Sheeba Karungi.

With so many successful tracks and club bangers such as Nkwatako, Farmer remix, Wadawa; Sheeba has become a national and regional sensation. We are even miming some of these tracks off the tip of our lips right now.


Farmer remix by her and Ykee Benda is almost the most referenced track among the youth right now and one of the most searched lyrics on our website daily!


But where has Sheeba come from to become this successful?

Sheebah Karungi was born November 11, 1989 and raised by a single mother in Kawempe, a city suburb in Kampala, Uganda.


She studied at Kawempe Muslim Primary School and Midland High School, Kawempe where she dropped out in senior two.

Her career began at the age of 15 in dance groups like Stingers which she later left for Obsessions to make money out of the dancing profession.


Talented Dancer & Musician

From being a backup vocalist and dancer in Obsessions, Sheeba has come a long way to be the celeb we see now. She dealt with betrayals, drama and incredible hardwork.



She had to break away from Obsessions due to several disagreements and she later formed an alliance with other talented young upcoming artists like the late AK47 most popularly known as “Team No Sleep” that changed the Ug music scene.

When she released “Automatic”, a song written by Sizzaman, her solo career was set & her name became a hot brand with other tracks like “Ice Cream” that topped charts before her other hit single “Twesana”. Look out for her “Nkwatako” Album launch this December!


One thing is for sure, Sheeba is rocking the streets and she has shown us that if you believe in yourself and are positive, you can always make it!


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