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Whatsapp Down Worldwide and the Twitter Humour

The Whatsapp Messenger is down, for many they can barely send or receive messages. A test has shown that we were able to download some existing media but couldn’t send or get anything new.

As an often problem in Uganda, many thought it was a data problem or that the UCC had issued an order to block it causing massive hysteria until they realised other services were loading normally.

We are yet to identify the true cause of the breakdown but it probably was something to do with their servers as a similar thing happened after their servers were overwhelmed on New Years Eve 2015.

Whereas millions of users were in turmoil, several tweeps took on to humour on Twitter.


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The Whatsapp Service is back up.


Our Best Whatsapp Down Tweets on Twitter!









Whatsapp Down Worldwide and the Twitter Humour 1

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