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Arsenal Fans Beg Stars to Stay

A group of Arsenal fans who work to improve the atmosphere around Emirates Stadium called the REDaction Gooners are looking forward to hoist a banner of Sanchez with his two Labrador dogs Atom and Humbler.

This tactic aims at gripping the Chilean star’s heart and convince him to stay at the club despite the contract rumors.

Many rival clubs are lining up to poach the striker which include the likes of Chelsea and Chinese clubs. If Arsenal fails to offer a better deal than United’s Pogba weekly salary of £290,000, then they will mostly likely lose their key player.

If the fans are able to pull it off, and showcase their banner in an aim to soften the star’s heart, then they stand a chance at keeping him at the club. This expected to happen ahead of tomorrow’s game against Stoke City at the Emirates Stadium.

Arsenal Fans Beg Stars to Stay - Spur Magazine
Sanchez with his cute dogs
Arsenal Fans Beg Stars to Stay 1

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