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Donald Trump Is Losing His Hair

President Donald Trump is losing his hair day by day and he is taking a prostate drug to help ease his hair loss dilemma which has proven a bit hectic for him.

An interview published by New York Times on Wednesday, reveals how Trump’s physician, Dr. Harold N. Bornstein told the press about the US president’s hair loss problem. He also made a point of stating that the President has all of his hair.

Dr. Harold said he had prescribed a prostate drug often taken for hair loss problems to Trump. The New York City gastroenterologist also said the President is taking antibiotics to control rosacea, a skin condition that causes redness. A senior White House official says Bornstein did not have Trump’s permission to speak about his health to the Times.


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The physician told the Times he has had no contact with his patient since Trump became president. Trump had visited his office every year since 1980 for annual checkups, colonoscopies and other routine tests.

During the campaign, Trump’s longtime physician disclosed only that he was taking rosuvastatin and low-dose aspirin to reduce his risk of heart attack. Lets hope president Trump doesn’t lose his teeth or fingers next.
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