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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Trump Beefing

Like Trump doesn’t have enough problems with his cocoon of executive orders. Trump currently has his sight set on the on the one man that popularized the term commando during the 90’s and this looks to get messy.

When Trump decided to run for president back in September, it meant he had to lose control in many of his ventures which included his spot at the show ‘’ The Celebrity Apprentice’’. Arnold was called in to fill the spot a move which Trump showed nothing but support for until now.

While on the National Prayer Broadcast on Thursday morning, Trump made remarks about how he wanted to pray for Arnold due to the show’s low ratings he had pulled since joining. We all know Schwarzenegger aka Swaz (as called by many Ugandan fans) wasn’t going to let that slide.

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Arnold took the battle to social media where he made a short clip in which he says that the two should swap roles since Trump is good at getting TV ratings more than political ratings and that he (Arnold) should take office because people want to sleep peacefully again.

We don’t know where this battle will end up but as long as your with Spur magazine we’ve got you covered.

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