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Egypt Set Sight on AFCON Finals

Egypt pulled off another hard-earned win to earn their spot in the 2017 Gabon finals as they brushed passed a well-played Burkina Faso team.

Their game ended in 1-1 after 90 mins plus the 30 mins of extra time. Egypt opened the scoring in the second half with a goal from AS Roma player Mohamed Salah only for Burkina Faso to return the favor with a goal from Aristide Bance.

It was clear that this game was to be settled in penalties despite the Burkinabe’s pressing as Egypt resorted to their usual calm precautionary play.

Burkina faso vs Egypt AFCON 2017 - Spur Magazine
Egypt consoles Burkina Faso Goal keeper. Source: Guardian Ng

Egypt won in penalties 4-3 and they had veteran goal keeper El-Hardary (the oldest player to play in AFCON at age 44) pulling off two magnificent saves despite Burkina Faso having the upper hand earlier on in the shootout.

Egypt will face the winner in today’s Ghana Vs Egypt semifinal on Sunday.

Egypt Set Sight on AFCON Finals 1

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