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Ugandan Girl Murdered By Indian National

A 24-year-old Ugandan national by names of Nakayaki Florence was allegedly killed by an Indian national in Kothanur, during the early hours of Thursday morning.

The deceased who has been identified as a student of BBM in a private college in the city was stabbed to death by an Indian national who goes by the name Ishan, a resident of BTM Layout.

Ugandan Girl Murdered By Indian National - Spur Magazine

Based on the reports by the police, Ishan and Florence met on Wednesday. Ishan approached Florence for a sexual favor but later had a heated argument over price which led to him stabbing the woman out of a fit of rage.

The poor girl who was brutally murdered hasn’t received enough justice and based on the sketchy reports by the Indian media, we feel a lot has been left out in this tragic story. She may have been raped and later killed and now the authorities are presenting a different story to protect their own national.


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Reports also state that, upon reaching Ishan’s residence at around 1 AM, Florence saw two men inside the house and demanded more money. A fight broke out between Florence and Ishan over the same and in a fit of rage, Ishan stabbed Florence with the knife that the latter had carried for safety purposes.

The Bagalur police arrived at the scene after the locals reported the loud screams heard from Ishan’s residence. The police took Ishan into custody and has been held pending further investigation.

Ugandans living within the area took to the streets by staging a protest in front of the police station demanding justice for Florence. This is not the first time we have heard reports of Ugandan’s being murdered within India and the cases have been buried deep in mystery.

The Ugandan government should step up and demand an explanation from the Indian government over this matter and why we are losing our citizens to gruesome killings year after year and yet justice isn’t meant for the victims.

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