First Messi, Now Ronaldo 1
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First Messi, Now Ronaldo

Whats happening to our players? Last week we witnessed a scandal similar to the Panama papers only that this time it’s not Messi in the crossfire nor FIFA president Gianni Infantino, this time its Cristiano Ronaldo and maybe Jose Mourinho.

An international Consortium of media organizations last week claimed a huge data leak involving 18 million documents that showed the Portuguese hid Shs.575,567,992,000bn ($160m) from image rig;hts in the Virgin Islands.

The Real Madrid and Portuguese star had this to say, ‘’He who owes nothing, fears nothing’’, Spanish Radio reported on Thursday.

The star had a similar statement to give when approached by Portuguese TV Station RTP.

On Wednesday, Real Madrid came to his aide demanding respect for the player in regards to the way he is handling the issue as they clearly cited the star’s behavior as ‘’exemplary’’ to his entire club.

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First Messi, Now Ronaldo 2

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