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Sheebah and Nwagi Beefing Over Deal

The industries top divas look ready to lock horns and this time it’s going to be purely about business. We can’t deny that we didn’t see this coming as fans have long awaited this to happen and maybe even compared their music on many fronts.

According to the red pepper, Sheebah Karungi might have messed up a Shs300m deal with Star Times to become their brand ambassador for the next 3 years.

This was a result of manager Jeff Kiwanuka not being available and delegating younger bro Allan Kiwanuka to handle meetings with the company. To make matters worse, Sheebah didn’t respect them enough to attend their meetings.

All this signaled to Star Times was that Sheebah was too good for them and they are now considering to pass the deal to her rival Winnie Nwagi.

Sources inside Team No Sleep reveal Jeff Kiwanuka blew tantrums for younger bro Allan on the way he handled the issue. Piece of advice to manager Jeff Kiwanuka, you don’t send a puppy to a bull fight.

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