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Streetlights Uganda Unseen Me Exhibition 2019 Is Back!

It’s been barely two years since Streetlights Uganda held its first Unseen Me Exhibition, a 3-day event dedicated to showcasing the untapped talents of Ugandan street children and the impact of technical skills in their lives.

Streetlights Uganda continues with its annual tradition of empowering disadvantaged youth on the streets and is ready to launch yet another 3rd edition of the Unseen Me Exhibition 2019, which is to be held at East Africa’s oldest museum, the Uganda Museum from 7th to 9th June this year.

The Unseen Me Exhibition is a growing network which offers a platform and safe space for street connected children, different practitioners and at risk youth to come together and showcase their talents through art, music and fashion to the public.

The event creates an opportunity to bridge the gap between Street Children and the general public which allows disadvantaged youth to promote their skills.

After the success of the previous two exhibitions, the first one being held in 2017 and the other in 2018. Streetlights Uganda is launching yet another exciting and fun filled edition of this annual event under the theme, “Model the Way” which will also unveil their latest project, The Mwalimu Mentorship Program, a program designed to link mentors (Artists) to mentees (Street Connected Children).

As an organization led by youth, they believe that mentorship is key in these children’s lives and as mentors we ought to model the way for them so as to enhance their knowledge, skills and attitudes towards life something that sparks their creativity.

This year’s Unseen Me Exhibition is expected to deliver exciting live performances, screenings, talks, exhibitions from some of the mentees and their mentors, workshops, fashion shows, stalls and many other activities. These will be spread out on all the three days to offer you a thrilling and informative experience.

Tickets are now available and go for UGX 10,000 per day and UGX 30,000 for the 3 days. Early bird tickets will be at UGX 8,000 and 24,000 for 3 days respectively. You can purchase your tickets immediately through this link.

Streetlights Uganda Unseen Me Exhibition 2019 Is Back! | Spur Magazine
(Picture credit: Streetlights Uganda)

All proceeds will go towards supporting the Mwalimu Mentorship Program. The official hashtags for the event are: #UnseenMeExhibition19, #UnearthingPotential and #ModelTheWay19.

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