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Express FC Beefing Vipers SC Over Disan Galiwango Transfer


Ugandan football clubs Express FC and Vipers SC are about to exchange some serious punches over the transfer and recent signing of a key player, Disan Galiwango.

Ugandan football is never short on drama even when it’s during the COVID-19 phase when everything is being reset. Express FC are now currently accusing Vipers SC of unveiling a player who was still contractually theirs.

Last week, news about Express FC defender and Captain Disan Galiwango having been signed by the 2019/20 Uganda Premier League champions Vipers Sports Club was the talk of the town but now everything has turned sour.

However, earlier today morning, the chairman of Express football club Mr. Kiryowa came out in a tweet and indicated that Galiwango was still their player who has a running contract.

The chairman also hinted on the fact the club is well aware of the desire by Disan Galiwango to move on but was quick to state that, they were not aware that the club had sold the player to rivals SC Vipers.

This is not the first time this is happening in Ugandan football as we have previously seen Shaban Muhammad being unveiled by KCCA FC only for his parent club Onduparaka, to come out and state that they were not aware that their player had been signed by the 13 time league champions.

Express FC says it wasn’t aware of Disan Galiwango’s move to Vipers

Vipers now find themselves embattled in a potential legal battle for a player that they have sought after ever since he made his wishes known to move on to greener pastures.

Mr. Kiwanuka Kiryowa a lawyer by profession has been very clear that he and his team intend to take the matters to court seeing as the player is still theirs by contract.

We now await for more communication from Vipers SC to clarify on the matter seeing as they held a press briefing to unveil the player to their fans and management. If the deal falls through, will Disan Galiwango sign with Vipers again or will he now transfer to his other suitors KCCA FC?

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