LeBron James receding hairline still an issue.

LeBrons Fake Hairline Goes Wrong During Jazz Game

Anthony Davis wasn’t ready let it go on a Friday night jazz game when he was spotted during the match calling out LebBron James over his bad fake hair day.

LeBron James had the headband working on Friday night against the Jazz. With good reason too, he was having a really bad fake hair day.

The LA Lakers were locked in a tight game with Utah Jazz and managed to beat them 95-86 in the home opener but things went a little bit astray when LeBron’s fake hair do was allover the place despite having a headband during the game.

At one point Anthony Davis was spotted letting LeBron know his fake hair was messed up. When the camera turned to LeBron his hairline was all over the place.

Well, these things happen. Hopefully the next salon he heads to has a better experienced barbers to handle that mess. Though the question remains, why do so many African American’s have an issue with receding hairlines. They should embrace them like pros like our brothers in Africa.


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LeBrons Fake Hairline Goes Wrong During Jazz Game 1

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