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Liverpool Lose To Southampton

Last night Liverpool made a trip to St Mary’s Stadium to go up against the Saints in the English Football League Cup for the first leg only for the Kops to face their first defeat of the season.

A goal from Nathan Redmond in the 20th minute was enough to set the two sides apart.  Liverpool will stand to await the Saints at Anfield for the 2nd leg on the 25th of January with Southampton with an upper hand into the Final that will most likely face Manchester United.

In a game where Southampton had more chances to score more goals, things weren’t good for Klopp’s side as he started sending written chits on to the field that his players couldn’t understand maybe because of the handwriting.

However, Klopp had Loris Karius to thank for not letting more goals in. Liverpool are yet to win a match in 2017 after facing 2 draws against Sunderland and Plymouth then a loss to Southampton.

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