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Top 5 Movie Watching Apps to Install Now

Both young and older adults enjoy watching movies. But in the earlier times, people used to watch their favorite movies with the help of the television. Today’s technology is revolutionary that enables people to now benefit from the best movie-watching apps. These movie applications are available in App Store and Play Store to download.

So, just by sitting on your couch at your home, you can watch not just movies but web series, plays and whatnot. Surprisingly, anyone these days can develop these applications with the service of a mobile app development company. It is a highly thriving space right now.

Here are the List of Best Movie Watching Apps

If we talk about movie apps, one can easily feel perplexed as there are several available presently. To avoid any further confusion, it is best to stick to the best one to watch your favorite shows. Below are some of those apps that will keep you entertained:

1. Twitch

One of the best movie apps for android is a live streaming application called Twitch. The application emphasizes the live streaming of music, creative content, video games, sports, and many more. There will be no interruptions while you use this app. It has amazing features such as:

  • Tracking your favorite channels.
  • Availability of full-featured chat.
  • Push notifications are obtainable even when there are live channels.

2. Netflix

With Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings being the founders of Netflix, this tops the list when speaking about the best apps for movies. But you might wonder why it has earned the title of one of the best movie-watching apps. It is because this application streams web series, documentaries, movies, TV shows in varied languages. It is the most widely used app globally. The features are:

  • Kids can watch safe content.
  • Five profiles or users can use one single account.
  • Users receive notifications of all new releases.
  • The application advises content depending on prior viewing.
  • Users can witness fresh shows and movies regularly.

3. Amazon Prime

Are you looking for the best movie-watching apps for iPhone? Amazon Prime is an amazing selection as it streams videos, movies and TV shows globally. A wide range of content is accessible in regional languages that are the main reason for the app’s popularity. The features are:

  • The application recommends web series or movies depending on what the user has watched before.
  • Users can download their favorite shows and watch them offline. They can also watch anything while they are on-the-go.
  • Users can add recommended titles to the watchlist for viewing later.

4. Tubi

If you want to watch movies together online with friends and family, then Tubi is the one. Fox Entertainment Division released this app in 2014. You can use this application for free, but it carries advertisements. The features are:

  • Users can pick their preferred content. They can watch anything they want with few ads.
  • There is no need for any subscription.
  • It is possible to view content on big screens by utilizing Airplay or Chromecast.
  • The app adds shows and movies every week, and it comes for free.

5. IMDb

Powered by Amazon, it is one of the best movie-watching apps for iPad. Be it TV shows, gaining some celebrity information or watching movies, this app is highly entertaining. The application includes advertisements and is accessible worldwide. The features are:

  • Users can rate the movies after they are done watching.
  • Trailers of TV shows and not yet released movies can be watched easily.
  • The application offers movie showtimes proximate that enable ticket buying efficiently. Users can also go through the reviews before buying tickets.
  • Creating a watchlist is possible after tracking what the user wishes to watch.

Final Say

With the lockdown kicking in once again, we all need entertaining and engaging TV shows, movies and web series to pass the time meaningfully. You can try out some of the best movie-watching apps, as mentioned above to keep less bored.

Along with that, some amount of comedy, horror or action never hurt anyone. Get a taste of everything in these movie applications that you can use anytime and from anywhere. However, if you have a fresh movie app idea, then it is feasible with the service provided by the mobile app development company. The experts can guide you in making your app popular.


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