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Black Panther hits the Billion Dollar Mark

The Wakanda family still have plenty of reasons to celebrate their new King, “T’challa” as of 11th March, they were inaugurated into the three-comma club of worldwide box office grossing.

The marvel super hero movie has proven to be one of the most successful movies to be produced by the studio as Black Panther has been making history from surpassing Deadpool’s February opening weekend record and also setting the bar for every weekday record for a marvel film.

However, Black Panther isn’t famous for only making paper, the movie has also had its rounds on social media through famous hashtags like the Mbaku challenge that had many mimic the famous King of the Apes Mbaku.

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Black Panther has become the 33rd movie to gross over the $1 billion-dollar mark making it the 12th fastest grossing movie. It is also the 5th Marvel Cinematic Universe movie to hit the figures with Captain America: Civil War $1.153Bn (4,216,521,000,000,000 Ugx) in the fourth spot then Iron Man 3 $1.214Bn (4,439,598,000,000,000 Ugx) in third, Avengers Age of Ultron $1.405Bn (5,138,085,000,000,000 Ugx) and top spot Avengers with $1.518Bn (5,551,326,000,000,000 Ugx).

We do look forward to Avengers Infinity war joining the club as we await its release next month.

Black Panther hits the Billion Dollar Mark 1

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