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Alita Battle Angel May Get Sequel After Fans Petition Disney

Alita Battle Angel may get a sequel if things go well for the fan base that has taken matters in their own hands by starting a campaign calling for Disney to take on the idea.

The same idea is also being used by other fans calling upon filmmakers like Zack Snyder and David Ayer to reveal the unreleased versions of Justice League and Suicide Squad respectively. If the Alita fanbase manages to pull things off, they too may find themselves getting a sequel.

Alita Battle Angel was released in 2019 as a cyberpunk action film based on a 1990s Japanese manga and series called Gunnm, done by artist Yukito Kishiro. It was directed by Robert Rodriguez and produced by James Cameron, who co-wrote the script with Laeta Kalogridis with Rosa Salazar starring as Alita, a cyborg who awakens in a new body with no memory of her past.

The concept of the movie wasn’t a bad idea at all not forgetting its captivating effects and graphics. The movie’s star, Rosa Salazar, and its producer, Jon Landau, have encouraged the fan base to keep up the pressure and noise until Dinsey hears their petition to make another sequel.

What makes the Alita campaign more assuring is its component of raising awareness, while also giving back to an important charity.

The Alita digital campaign was started by Jon Landau on Instagram

The campaign was started after an Instagram post made by Jon Landau, calling upon fans to front the idea about getting a sequel received a lot of attention, which caused the Alita fan base to rise up to the challenge. Within six hours, $1,617 (UGX 6,127,073) had been collected.

The funds being raised will be used to pay for a digital billboard that they will purchase on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, with the aim of running an ad for an Alita: Battle Angel sequel 30 times per hour. The money raised will be used to complete the transaction for the ad, allowing the billboard to run from June 1 to June 7.

Such tactics can be used to fund movies within Uganda too, that people would wish to see on the big screen and seeing that fans have done the same for Snyder’s cut playbook to be released then, the same can be achieved here too.

In addition to raising funds to pay for the Los Angeles billboard that would call for the Alita sequel, the group also has called attention to an Amazon Wish List promoted by Rosa Salazar that allows patrons to purchase essential items for homeless people.

Alita Battle Angel May Get Sequel After Fans Petition Disney | Spurzine
Rosa Salazar has played an important role in getting the fans all excited about the campaign. | Spurzine

Salazar says that she has been getting DMs asking how fans can pitch in after they saw her making donations to the homeless in her community, which inspired the Alita fan base to get involved in the campaign even more.

Let’s hope the movie gets a sequel since its ending left most of us hanging, and would love to see it again on the big screen after it made $404 million (UGX 1,530,821,044,000) worldwide. To follow up on Salazar’s campaign, you can check out the site right here.

Source: Cinema Blend


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Alita Battle Angel May Get Sequel After Fans Petition Disney 1

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