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AC Milan Striker Zlatan Suffers A Serious Injury That May End His Career


AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic may find himself in a dangerous predicament due to a serious injury he suffered during training a few days ago.

According to the club, the 38-year-old striker suffered a calf injury on Monday and will be examined again in 10 days. Reports also state that it could be a career-threatening injury.

However, the tests done on Zlatan confirmed that the former Manchester United forward had injured his right calf, and not his Achilles tendon as early reported. Milan confirmed the reports later on saying; “The Achilles tendon is perfectly intact. An examination will be carried out in 10 days.”

We hope the star player makes a quick recovery and doesn’t end up with a long term injury that could affect his entire football career.

Zlatan had rejoined AC Milan on a six-month deal in December after leaving Man United

Zlatan may make a quick recovery but at the moment no one can assume anything until the next medical examination is carried out the club to confirm anything.

The Italian Football Federation had given the clubs a green light to resume full group training from 19 May, with the teams voting to restart the season on 13 June.

20 August has been set as the deadline for ending the season by the federation, with 1 September set as the starting date for the new Serie A campaign for all clubs.

Before the quarantine was put into effect in March suspending all league games, Juventus were at the top of the league, a single point ahead of Lazio with just 12 full rounds and four outstanding fixtures still to play.


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