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Kim Kardashian Flanks Her Law Exam for the 2nd Time


Law school isn’t a piece of cake and Kim Kardashian will definitely testify to that fact as she failed her baby law exam for the second time in a row after she revealed the sad news on camera during the finale episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

With KUWTK coming to its final end, Kim was very disappointed to learn later that she wasn’t able to perform as expected when her law exam results came back as negative on all fronts only worsening the already dramatic situation with their show airing their last ever episode.

Kim has been studying for the California State Bar law exam for a while now and this isn’t the first time she has failed. The celebrity star had recently retaken the exam after failing the first time a few weeks ago.

In the video, Kim looked very upset after she checked her results online and realised she had failed yet again. “I failed! F**k! This is really annoying. I feel bummed, totally bummed,” she said in her confessional.

She also revealed her score to the cameras and unlike last time – where she had doubts over her legal career – Kim seemed a lot more positive about the future.

“The total score was 463, I pretty much got the same thing last time, actually a little bit worse,” she explained. “I just have to not stress about it. I can’t stress I just have to do better in the future.”

Kim Kardashian failing her California State bar law exam for the 2nd time doesn’t look good

Kim Kardashian then phoned Khloé for support, who was wearing a hoodie reading ‘Kim is my lawyer’ when she picked up the phone.

“You are so supportive and I didn’t even come through,” Kim told Khloé, who knew exactly how to have her sister’s back.

“You had Covid, you had your 40th birthday, you had a lot personally in your relationship and quarantine itself, I really don’t think this time counted.”

The TV personality then explained that she would dedicate the next four-six weeks to studying and would take the baby bar exam for the third time in June 2021.

Last week, Kim admitted to her sisters she “felt like a f**king failure” when she did not pass her first attempt at taking the bar.  Later in the episode, she took it again however, found out she tested positive for Covid shortly before the exam.


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