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Here’s What We Think About John Blaq’s ‘Nekwatako’ Video

John Kasadah aka John Blaq surprised his fans today with a video release of his ‘Nekwatako‘ song that was released weeks backs and now the long wait is over.

When comparing to his earlier work, the ‘Nekwatako‘ video doesn’t stray far from the usual antics of John Blaq’s style and we will gladly say there’s nothing new or surprisingly unique about it.

Well, apart from the improved visuals and effort put in shooting it in a colourful location, just like any or most Ugandan music videos, the template is rather the same. Throw in a car, a location, just a few dancers and women and that’s all it is. ‘Another music video.’

Nekwatako still falls short of what’s expected of music videos in 2020

The video was shot by Black Magic Records, which is the same company that manages John Blaq and they used the Forest Hotel in Mabira forest as their location of choice, which was a good idea since its one of the few good qualities about about it.

The colourful video also doesn’t drift away from Blaq’s style. When you look at his previous work, there isn’t much of a difference in the formula which we believe is maintained to keep his fans happy.

What are your thoughts on the Nekwatako video? Do you think John Blaq can do better?

Watch Nekwatako video right here;


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Here's What We Think About John Blaq's 'Nekwatako' Video 1

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