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Nyongera – Maurice Kirya and Vampino Watch Video

You probably heard that Maurice Kirya was dumping the “Mwoyo” (soul music) genre and venturing into things like dancehall and anything that will make him a club banger and he did it with Nyongera featuring his brother Elvis Kirya aka Vampino.

He probably needs it after the sorrowful loss of his cafe “Sound Cup” at Acacia. The video is not out yet but Maurice already uploaded the audio to Youtube and it’s making rounds on the top count downs on local radios in Kampala.


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“…It is the thing that you do with your eyes, that keeps me coming back… it’s the thing that you do with your mouth in the middle of the night when you’re calling my name…. Nyongera nsaba nyogeza, jawo ebyo ebyokwekoza, onyumirwa nange nyumirwa…. gimme give me more dat…”

Sing along: Nyongera by Maurice Kirya and Vampino Lyrics


Listen to Nyongera – Maurice Kirya and Vampino Song.


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