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What Do You Do If You Are Arrested?


Getting arrested anywhere in the world isn’t a fun experience more so here in UG where some police officers tend to throw punches first, and then ask questions later when the damage is already done. So, if you ever find yourself facing an arrest, you need to be ready.

When caught up in such a situation, you must understand your rights and prepare for anything. Doing so will help you maintain your rights and avoid any actions that could hurt your case or get you in more trouble. In this article, we are going to give you some valuable tips that will keep you safe and help you face the police in case you find yourself facing an arrest.

1. Listen to the Rights Read

Okay, I admit. Some of you must be laughing right about now 😂 😂. What Ugandan police officer often reads you your rights when arresting you? If that ever happens, just know you’re probably in a new country. However, whenever a police officer arrests you, they have to read off your rights.

If they don’t do so, they are breaking the law and this will give you a stronger case, so they won’t make that mistake except for Uganda’s police of course 😂. They are a different breed. As you’re being arrested, ensure you listen to the rights read off to you and do your best to remember them.

For example, they’ll mention your right to remain silent, so take advantage of it. Otherwise, they can use your words against you if you go to court. If you stay quiet, you increase your odds of winning if you end up on trial, so remain silent.

2. Seek Bail Bonds

Depending on your sentence, you could end up in jail while you wait for your court date. However, depending on your situation, you could pay bail bonds to help you get out of jail. In short, you pay a bail bond as a way to leave prison while you wait for the court date to arrive, so make sure you find out if you can utilise this tactic.

For example, if you get arrested in Southern California, you can search for bail bonds in Los Angeles. From there, you can cover the cost and do what you can to prepare for the court date while avoiding any unexpected legal issues.

3. Call for a Lawyer

Once you understand the situation, you need to seek a lawyer as soon as possible. If the police start questioning you, make sure you don’t respond. If they keep pushing for answers, you need to ask for a lawyer, so they stop with the questions and allow you to seek out your request.

What Do You Do If You Are Arrested? 1

However, for those who have been in UG, we all know this never plays out quite well especially when you’re being slapped left and right continuously because some officer doesn’t like how knowledgeable you’re about your rights and wants you to confess to something you didn’t do. Secondly, how many people can even afford to have a lawyer? However, that shouldn’t stop you from asking for one.

Once you ask for a lawyer, the police and investigators can’t ask you further questions without your lawyer present. That way, you keep yourself safe and have someone present to help you with the situation. Otherwise, if tackle the situation alone, you could end up with some legal struggles.

4. Don’t Sign Papers Without Advice

As you meet with officers, they may try and get you to sign some forms. However, if they give you papers, make sure you don’t sign them before you seek any legal advice. Even if you read over the documents, you shouldn’t sign them since they may use some legal wording to your disadvantage.

Many documents handed to you in these situations can be used against you in court. If you plan to give yourself the best care possible, you must avoid signing such documents unless you receive advice from your lawyer. That way, you can remain safe and make the correct choice.

5. Make Phone Calls When Possible

As you arrive at the police station, you need to talk with the police about when you can make phone calls. Doing so will let you get answers, so you can inform essential people about your situation and offer explanations when possible. For example, you may want to contact your loved ones or anyone else who needs to know where you went.

While you should get a phone call, don’t constantly bother the police about it. Instead, seek a clear answer and get a response so you know what to expect and who to call. While you wait, make sure you figure out which people you plan to call. Doing so can maximize your phone calls and inform the right people about your current legal situation and problems.


If you ever face an arrest, you must do what you can to maintain your rights without any further legal problems. Ensure you understand your rights and receive clarification when possible so you don’t face additional jail time. As you focus on your rights and avoid saying anything unnecessary, you can make a better case for your situation.

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