Jackie Chandiru Reveals Juicy Details On What Caused Blu 3 to Breakup | Spurzine

Jackie Chandiru Reveals Juicy Details On What Caused Blu 3 to Breakup


Former Blu 3 member, Jackie Chandiru recently revealed the juicy details behind the reason why her band members Cindy Sanyu and Lilian Mbabazi went their separate ways leading to the collapse of the trio girl group.

Blu 3 was a Ugandan all-female band formed in April 2004 after winning the TV show Coca-Cola Popstars. The three band members are believed to have chosen their all-girl group band name as Blu 3 to mean 3 Beautiful (or Black) Ladies from Uganda.

According to Chandiru, the collapse of Blu 3 was a result of untruthful rumours and other problems that had slowly grown within the group. While appearing in an interview on local television last night, Chandiru spilt the beans saying that all the band members were silently hurting but decided to soldier on for years before they ended things.

She also cleared the air and denied all the past allegations that her beef with Cindy Sanyu which was believed to have been fueled by Lilian Mbabazi leading to the collapse of the band was a lie. She further added that the reason was something else and termed it a “general problem”.

Chandiru also revealed more details saying that before they split, all members had a serious discussion about their issues and later decided it was best to go their separate ways. “We had to sit down, and we confronted each other about rumours that each one of us was hearing. We sorted our issues out and we chose to move on,” she said in the interview.

What’s next for Blu 3?

With recent reports circulating around about how the three divas are to reunite, one can only wait to see what will happen if Blu 3 finally got back together and started doing music again.

When asked about the reports of the group re-uniting during the interview, Chandiru responded back by saying that she would love to work alongside her fellow bandmates again and is looking forward to seeing it happen if given a chance.

Jackie Chandiru Reveals Juicy Details On What Caused Blu 3 to Breakup | Spurzine
Blu 3 band members Lilian Mbabazi (left), Cinderella Sanyu (centre) and Jackie Chandiru (right).

The group, which consisted of original members Jackie Chandiru, Lilian Mbabazi and Cinderella Sanyu rose to fame in the early 2000s due to their catchy hit songs and dance moves that captured the airwaves at the time. After winning the Coca-Cola Popstars contest, they went on to record the albums Hitaji (2004) and Burrn (2007).

The Hitaji album spawned the hit singles “Hitaji“, “Frisky” and the afrobeat “Tomalaako“. The girls launched Hitaji at the Lugogo Cricket stadium in December 2004 with thousands of fans. The “Hitaji” video went on to win the Pearl of Africa Music Award for Video of the Year.

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