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Before Getting Braces You Should Make These 5 Lifestyle Changes


Braces are exceptional teeth straightening treatment that lets you get more lovely and straighter teeth. In addition to giving you a perfect smile, straight teeth are easy to clean and less prone to various teeth problems, such as toothaches and tooth decay.

While getting braces should excite you, you may have many concerns and questions about the treatment, especially if it’s your first time. Here are the changes to include into your lifestyle before getting braces:

1. Stock Up On Soft Foods

Since your teeth will feel a bit sore in the first couple of days, it’s essential only to take soft foods. Therefore, consider stocking up on soft foods, such as mashed potatoes, soup, oatmeal, fruits for smoothies, cottage cheese, jello, and pudding. It would help if you had a good supply of soft food, as you must avoid hard food.

2. Wear a Mouthguard

After putting on braces for the first time, you will have a funny feeling, which may affect your speech, as you are not used to them. The best way to prepare yourself for the uneasy feeling of introducing a new item to your teeth is by putting on a mouthguard that doesn’t align with your teeth.

Buy a mouthguard at any sporting goods store, pop it in, and put it on for a couple of minutes before heading to an orthodontist centre for brace treatment.

3. Prepare for Slight Discomfort, Soreness, and Adjustment

As your gums and teeth adjust to brace treatment, you will experience minimal discomfort and treatment. Your mouth is perhaps not yet accustomed to the constant brace pressure. Before the teeth essentially adjust, expect to feel some tenderness and soreness. You can, however, counteract this discomfort by taking pain medications.

It is essential to have medication around if the situation worsens during the first or two weeks of brace treatment. The good thing is that the discomfort will eventually disappear as the mouth adapts and heals.

4. Frequent Dental Visits

While filling cavities is not a necessity before getting braces, it is always a good idea to have them filled by a specialist. This way, you will avoid the swelling, discomfort, dangers, or pain that may arise once you leave the cavities unattended for an extended period. Your orthodontist will advise you on the best way forward if you have any cavities.

However, before you go for your brace fitting appointment, it’s advisable to schedule a dental cleaning process to remove excess plaque build-up on your teeth. Remember that eliminating plaque after putting on braces is problematic. On the other hand, unmanaged plaque may lead to white spot lesions. After this, it is time to talk to your dentist about scheduling an appointment with a trusted orthodontist in NYC.

5. Stock up On Precautionary Items

Discussing the necessary items you will need after the procedure with your orthodontist is essential. Some solutions, such as floss designed for braces and orthodox wax, will help you during the entire treatment. Also, there is a numbing solution that you can use to relieve pain in your gums and mouth.

Remember that as the teeth adjust, it’s common for braces to rub against the cheeks, which causes distress. Luckily, there are products to alleviate the discomfort. If you love eating hard foods, it’s advisable to stop, as it may cause breakage to the braces.

What Food Should I Avoid When Wearing Braces?

After putting on braces, your teeth will experience a strange feeling. You will also have problems chewing food, as the jaw will be uncomfortable and achy. In the first couple of days, it will help if you stick to soft foods, such as yoghurt, jelly sandwiches, peanut butter, and pasta.

Afterwards, you can start eating hard foods as you get used to life with braces. If you have ceramic or traditional metal braces, you should avoid sticky, crunchy, and overly chewy foods.


It’s pretty common to feel anxious before getting braces. The best treatment for this anxiety is educating yourself about the process of braces treatment. Please do some research on the internet to lessen any lingering fears.

Read more information about previous patients’ experiences with braces and what you should expect. Prepare yourself mentally so that you go into the treatment knowing what to expect and the perks to enjoy from the braces.


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