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Eating Gnuts Daily Boosts Sperm Count and Quality

You remember the days in school when students jokingly told you that chewing on a lot of ground nuts (gnuts) could help you boost your sperm? In fact, gnuts were fondly called “sperm boosters”.

That was all true, a research conducted by Italian doctors confirmed that eating gnuts, walnuts, almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts increases a man’s sperm count and quality. This could potentially make men more fertile.

These nuts like almonds and walnuts have Arginine which is an amino acid that improves sperm production; peanuts and gnuts have Zinc which improves the sperm’s speed and ability to move as well as sperm count.

All nuts are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids that boost the quality of sperm.

Eating nuts isn’t the only thing that can boost a man’s fertility, there are a lot of other things that also boost quality as well as things men should avoid such as keeping their phones in their pockets and smoking.

Ladies, start grooming your man to eat gnuts daily if you want to have twins or triplets.

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Eating Gnuts Daily Boosts Sperm Count and Quality 1

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