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8 Things Girls Don’t Know They Must Do After Having Sex


What must you do after having sex? It is one of the few questions people rarely think about until a few moments or days later. For girls, it is critical to do some of the things below because they will help you maintain your hygiene as well as avoid infections.

It is very common these days for most young girls to “smash” (as young people like to call it) without protection such as wearing cds (condom) because as many claims, it is just not as sweet as the real thing or condoms hurt them.

Every time two people decide to go live, they expose themselves to a lot of infections some of which are dangerous enough to make you go barren or rot and eat up the whole of your cookie.

Women are more susceptible to infections than men which is why all of us including men need to maintain good general hygiene and let go of any unhealthy habits that expose us to lots of diseases or infections.

Here are 8 things all girls need to do after having sexual intercourse:

8 Things Girls Don’t Know They Must Do After Having Sex | Spurzine

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1. Always use the bathroom after intercourse

There is always a high chance of bacteria going into your vagina during penetrative sex because the area is moist and warm which is what bacteria thrive on to multiply.

If you can, try to pee during the first hour after you’ve had sex so as to avoid a bladder infection. Doing so flushes the area by pushing out any bacteria. Also, don’t forget to wipe the vagina from the front towards the back! This will help you avoid faecal contamination.

According to New York urologist David Kaufman, peeing before sex actually increases your chances of UTIs, calling it the ‘No.1 cause of post-coital urinary tract infections’ – because it leads to a weaker stream after sex, or the lack of a need to go at all.

2. Avoid using soap in your vagina, it’s not a washing machine

You should avoid using soap to clean your privates as much as possible. Douches or soaps destabilise the pH levels leading to dryness as well as irritation (an itchy vagina). You should only use clean and warm water after having intercourse.

The rest, the vagina will do on its own. You have probably already heard that it has a secondary self-clean system in place.

3. Drink a lot of water

Drinking enough water daily is very important as it keeps you hydrated at all times. Doing so after playing a long or short game of “cat and mouse” will keep you from getting dehydrated and also help you eliminate most of the dangerous UTI bacteria from the bladder.

Ensure its clean drinking water and also, we mean WATER, not the other water you’re thinking of right now. Some people have tendencies of squirting information.

4. Eat the right foods especially those that are probiotic

Eating after a long day of shagging is very important. One needs to recharge after such a straining exercise but you have to choose the right foods.

The best options will include fermented foods like yogurt, sorghum or millet grains and also other things like guava, oranges, dark chocolate, cranberry juice, garlic, avocados, apples, almonds and pumpkin seeds which are very healthy and supply your body with the good bacteria that keep out yeast infections.

5. Avoid taking hot baths

Having a shower after the kazanyo (sex) is a very good habit, however, you should avoid having a hot bath. During stimulation, the vagina opens up more making it easy for bacteria that cause infections to enter so having a hot shower after sex isn’t a great idea since it makes the vagina even more enticing for them to set up shop.

6. Don’t wear those sexy panties

We all know how far we go to please the other partner, and putting on that sexy lingerie you brought from the store the other day to spice things up is hot! However, in most cases the underwear we usually buy is made of polyester or nylon which are non-breathable fabrics.

So, you have to take them off because if you don’t, you’ll create a perfect breeding environment for a variety of germs. Cotton underwear is the best as it allows you to have more breathing room.

7. Avoid using wet wipes

Many think using wet wipes is the best option when trying to clean in an instant but that’s not the case. Most of the wipes are full of fragrances and certain chemicals that are bad for your privates after intercourse.

Some of them can cause allergic reactions with the delicate skin, leave behind residue or create a very ripe environment for bacteria to nurture and multiply.

It’s better to simply use water or mix it with some vinegar while cleaning the area since it won’t disrupt the levels of pH and it will perform a gentle cleanse.

8. Blow dry to avoid yeast infections

I know, it sounds crazy but many women are blow-drying as a way to combat yeast infections. Experts claim that it’s very effective, but you have to be very careful while doing it.

It’s an effective method for women who are prone to mycosis (a disease caused by infection with a fungus, such as ringworm or thrush) and different UTIs. Before doing it, you have to wash the vagina with warm water then dry it with cold air, but make sure it stays a little bit moist and use a soft towel to gently wipe it.

Just make sure you don’t turn up that dial too high and end up frying nether regions.

Do you know any other effective ways to keep oneself clean after intercourse that you would love to share with us? We are always looking to learn from each other. Don’t feel shy, please hit that comment button.


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