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The Coolest Lady Sneakers Out for This Holiday

Its been a long year and we have had a share our seasons but lets face it. Our feet need to breathe and feel comfy any time of the day.

This season has seen new trending sneakers coming into play with cool awesome designs meant for the ladies. Do you need comfortable, spongy sneakers or just a pair of running shoes to get your groove on? Then don’t worry, in this feature we highlight some of the fancy sneakers to grab this holiday season.

Why buy office shoe wear when you can have some decent awesome sneakers for the holiday season

The Coolest Lady Sneakers Out for This Holiday - Spur MagazineREEBOK x FACE Stockholm Leather Sneaker

These pretty lace-up sneakers don’t even require you to lace, they’re the classic embodiment of Rebook throwback ’80’s fashion.

Any babe will look smashingly sexy in these Stockholm leather design sneakers which will give her a classic feel of the early ’80’s era.

topshop-lace-up-trainersTop shop Lace up Trainers

If you love wearing trainers with flat soles then you’re in the right place. Look upbeat, gangster and chic with these top lace up sneakers.

Make casual-cool footwear work for you this holiday and go blazing super hot now in these lace-up trainers.

vans-classic-slip-on-mule-sneaker Vans Classic Slip-On Mule Sneaker

The lazy girl sneakers as some call them, require the least amount of effort when wearing them. As they simply suggest, “slip-on”. 

Not only are these comfortable, your feet will feel the undying pleasure of fresh air running across your feet.


nike-roshe-one-moire-sneakersNike Roshe One Moire Sneakers

Airy mesh sneakers are the move come summer, and these understated ones (with a baby wedge heel) are subtle enough to incorporate in your wardrobe without making it look like you just left the gym.


converse-chuck-taylor-all-star-high-topsConverse Chuck Taylor All Star High Tops

Chuck Taylors are the mothers of awesomeness! These timeless sneakers have crossed through generations in different colors and sizes and will always stand the taste of time.

Update your timeless white Chucks with a raspberry hue for summer that will pop against a pair of rolled up blue jeans.

fringed-leather-sneakersFringed Leather Sneakers

Feel special and appreciated with these urban-cool leather skate sneakers with a richly chic finish.

tretorn-net-sneakersTretorn Net Sneakers

Don’t let yourself be tied down by the heat because these breathable mesh sneakers are the answer to your problem.

Feel the breeze all round with the Tretorn net sneakers and jump like a true -mukiga on steroids.


slip-on-sneaker-with-hand-embroidered-sequinsSlip-On Sneaker with Hand Embroidered Sequins

Pretty is just an understatement when it comes to these slip-on sneakers. Coach makes the Van’s signature slip-on a little more feminine and a lot less boring with a wash of sequin flowers on top.

leather-low-top-sneakersLeather Low Top Sneakers

This all-white sneaker is a street style favorite for good reason. You can match these with literally with anything if you get it just right.

The blank canvas doesn’t clash with a fuego outfit, and it beats any other heeled shoe for running around town in comfort and style.

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