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WBS TV To Be Turned Into Sports Channel!

WBS is in for a shock as its legacy and final days are about to be end in sorrow for many. Strive Masiwiya, a Zimbabwean born tycoon has bought WBS TV.

WBS TV was once a home grown station that had many viewers and was loved for its shows but its last days end in drastic change as new management steps in to take over the already failed station.

Stations like NTV, NBS, Bukedde and the rest brought a strong competitive stance which saw the once glorified TV station sink to its lowest depths about 10 years ago.

Gordon Wavamunno, the owner of WBS TV had accumulated tax arrears totaling to over Shs7.2bn and the station went into receivership in April this year and now Strive has opened doors and wants a piece.

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WBS TV turning into sports channel after buy out by Zimbabwean tycoon

Sources say that Wava has leased off the building where WBS is to the new owners for a period of 25 years. Employees have been asked to reapply for their positions at WBS.

WBS TV To Be Turned Into Sports Channel! - Spur Magazine

What we know about Strive Masiwiya

Strive Masiwiya, a Zimbabwean national valued at over $600m by Forbes and is the founder of Econet Wireless, one of the biggest telecom industry players in Southern Africa.

He owns Kwese TV, a free to air TV platform that owns rights to broadcast Premier League games in Africa like pay TV giants DStv.

Kwese TV also shows Spanish football games including NBA matches which proves its going to be a threat to the old players in the market such as DSTV and the like who have milked a lot from charging viewers for Premier League and other sports games.

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