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Josephine Karungi Mashes Up Kanyamunyu

Josephine Karungi goes defensive and makes her stand on Twitter as many others take suit to follow the hash tag madness of the .

Josephine Karungi, the famous NTV anchor and girlfriend to the previously indicted Matthew Kanyamunyu mashed up the tweet feed with her solo stand against the media woes on Twitter.

Kanyamunyu  who has been linked to the murder of Akena a few weeks ago and is facing serious charges in court and may end up in prison soon.

Kanyamunyu, since last Saturday has been locked up and held on suspicion for the shotting of Akena, aged 32 years. Matthew claims he only tried to help Akena by taking him to hospital after he had been shot in the stomach.

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Here is a screen shot of her tweeter feed going crazy;

josephine karungi kanyamunyu twitter dumped - spur magazine

Others took the war to twitter with the hash tag craze;


Josephine Karungi Mashes Up Kanyamunyu 1

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