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This Is Why You Get Turned On Every Time You Do A Work Out

You must have been wondering whether it was kinda weird when you found yourself getting turned on while exercising but the truth of the matter is, it’s perfectly normal and there’s nothing wrong with you.

Getting turned on or horny as some call it when exercising isn’t something to be ashamed of at all and it’s likely due to biology more than it is to do with your excitement about how good you look while hitting those sit-ups in front of a mirror.

“Workouts, especially lower-body ones, cause the body to secrete hormones like testosterone,” personal trainer Nick Liguori told Well+Good recently. “This increases the blood flow to your reproductive organs, which ignites your libido.”

Simply put, one of the best ways of improving your sexual life is by exercising regularly, which in long turn not improves your physical health but also your mental health as well. It has a lot of benefits than most people have come to think.

However, the reason why some people find themselves getting turned on while doing exercise is because of testosterone, which plays a big role in increased arousal during exercise in men than it is in women. Though that doesn’t mean women aren’t also getting turned on when they break a sweat, it’s just more likely caused by something else.

Getting turned on during exercise is definitely normal

A 2008 study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, found a “significant increase in physiological sexual arousal with exercise” in female participants and that there was “a significant increase in α-amylase [a digestive enzyme] across the study” in the women that exercised versus those that didn’t. Testosterone, however, remained the same level in both groups.

In addition, aerobic activity floods your brain with a variety of “feel-good neurotransmitters,” or endorphins, the Mayo Clinic says. Further, still, exercise forces your body to work through the physical effects of stress—one of them being a decreased libido—which in turn reduces stress and can “lead to positive effects in your body—including your cardiovascular, digestive and immune systems—by helping protect your body from harmful effects of stress.”

Simply put, exercising shouldn’t be just only about improving mental health, losing weight, fitness, or helping your body protect itself against diseases and other medical conditions but also a great way to increase your libido too.

So, next time you head out to the gym or for an early morning run and suddenly feel the urge to get busy in the sheets afterwards, don’t stress about it. It is a good thing not just for you but also your sex life too especially for those in a relationship.

Source: Best Life


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