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Anne Kansiime Hacked Again!

Big time comedian and celebrity, Anne Kansiime has really had a hard time dealing with hackers that have on several occasions hacked and taken control of her social media accounts.

According to Mbu, Anne Kansiime was yet again hacked and this time around, the hackers have taken control of her Facebook page which has more than one million followers.

In 2018, the same thing happened to the famous comedian after she lost total control of her hugely followed Instagram account to hackers at the time. She has however, managed to rebuild a following with a new account but now she suffers the same fate with her Facebook page.

With over 1.9 million followers, Kansiime’s Facebook page was the most followed among the local celebrities. She revealed hours ago that she lost control of the verified page last night.

This is second time Anne Kansiime is losing control of her social media account to hackers

According to Anne, she was hacked last night losing all control to the account. Her statement read: As of last night, I have completely lost all control of my official Verified Facebook page.

She has taken a step forward to warn all her followers not to take anything posted on the page serious and has also informed them to follow another page called; Kansiime Backpackers.

”Be warned ninjas, nothing posted on that page from now onwards is from me. I will be using this other page of mine Kansiime Backpackers to make any Facebook communication if any so, please follow and like it to keep hearing from your Ninja as always.” she said.

Anne Kansiime Hacked Again! | Spurzine
Anne Kansiime informed her followers to switch to her other page called Kansiime Backpackers. | Spurzine

According to Kansiime, she believes that the page must have been hacked through links that were sent to her WhatsApp, Email, and Text advising her to place adverts on the page to earn money.

“Please be careful and watch out for all those what’sups, emails and texts that come in thru your phone advising you to place adverts on your Facebook pages and earn money. Whether or not you give in your password, entertaining those chats expose you to these thieves. I strongly believe, that’s how I got hacked. It’s a tough lesson to learn in times like these but it’s been learnt really well and I would hate for any of my ninjas to fall prey. Please take note.” she said in  post.

One should always look out for such messages or emails that claim to be from Facebook. If you’re not sure, always email or reach out to the Facebook support page so that they help you.


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