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Bad Black Destroys Sheila: ‘We Are Both School Drop Outs Selling Our Sumbies’

The social media world was hit with a bomb when one the meanest and proudest socialites, Bad Black aka Shanitah Namuyimbwa destroyed Sheilah Carol Gashumba’s credibility online in a bitter Snap Chat battle gone wrong.

According to Blizz UG, the Snap Chat battle began when Bad Black called God’s Plan a ‘broke man’ which forced Sheilah to react leading to a brutal online war that gained a lot of spectators as they watched on in delight.

Sheilah Gashumba responded to Black’s comment saying: “Call him BROKE one more time! We shall know who has money and who doesn’t, who is fake and who isn’t fake, who is real and who isn’t real! One more time! And let me know when you’re done!”.

What really broke the ice was when Bad Black referred to Sheilah Gashumba as being in the same boat as her in a statement that read that they’re both school drop-outs who specialize in selling their sumbies (kitty).

Bad Black also added that the young socialite has been selling her sumbie since the age of 16 and still asks men to buy her sanitary pads. If that’s not a severe burn, then we don’t know what is.

Bad Black attacks Sheilah Gashumba via Snap Chat

The former NTV The Beat co-host couldn’t wrap her mind around the socialite’s statement, which angered her even more prompting her to take action against the ‘Masalo Queen’, which in our opinion was a big mistake.

Bad Black has been known for a long time for being very vocal and speaking what’s on her mind without fear and favour. She is Uganda’s so called ‘Snap Chat Queen’ when it comes to her funny and more often crazy Snap Chat videos and posts.

The best course of action for Sheilah would have been to ignore Black’s comments and attacks but she made a grave mistake the moment she decided to take on Uganda’s proud ‘Masalo Queen’ in an online battle she wouldn’t win.

Below are some of the screenshots taken showing the lengthy and bitter fight that took place between Sheilah and Shanitah.

Screenshots shared by Blizz Ug


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Bad Black Destroys Sheila: ‘We Are Both School Drop Outs Selling Our Sumbies’ 1

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