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Bukedde TV Presenter, Fiona Kirabo Attacked

Bukedde TV presenter, Fiona Kirabo was attacked by an unknown woman while at church. According to an eye witness, the lady who went and attacked Fiona has been attending regularly but no one knew she would lose her cool.

There are also reports that Kirabo who recently got married survived an execution on Sunday by an unknown woman though she was protected by church security as the woman kept insulting her.

The woman accused her of turning the church upside down after George Kavuya who leads and runs a certain church in Naalya married her. Just one month after their introduction party, some church members came discrediting Fiona as one who is not fit for their pastor.

Fiona has been under attack by the church members and have asked her to leave their church and find somewhere else to pray from. Kirabo hasn’t been open about the incident and has remained silent about what exactly happened.

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