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Hot Gossip: Jose Chameleone Vows to Quit Booze

We are not sure whether this is another media stunt by Jose Chameleone, but after his return from the Australian tour he vowed to quit alcohol.

Chameleone surprised his fans on Sunday when he shared an update about his intentions to stop boozing after he returned from his Australia tour.

According to reports by Matooke Republic, the singer returned with some great news for his family and fans! During a chat on Sunday, Chameleone shared with us a very amazing update in his life; telling us that he had quit alcohol!

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There have also been reports that Chameleone had already quit consuming hard liquor and has ever since been taking a few beers.

However, the singer revealed while in Australia he had decided on becoming sober and living a new life. Well, lets see how long he lasts.

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