Kim Kardashian's Paris Robbery To Be Turned Into A Movie.

Kim Kardashian’s Paris Robbery To Be Turned Into A Movie

Kim Kardashian’s life is heading to the silver screen, albeit not in the way that she might have one day hoped. Instead of a luxurious biopic celebrating her life as a pop culture phenomenon-turned-legal-bad-bitch, the 38-year-old’s traumatic 2016 robbery in Paris is being adapted into a film.

Tentatively titled Fashion Week, the film is based on an upcoming 130-page graphic novel by French writer and director Joann Sfar. Speaking to Variety, Joann said that the film would explore “violence against women, the relationship between the very rich people and the less rich, the world of fashion and the encounter between figures of new and old worlds”.

Rather than centre on Kardashian – or someone resembling her – the film will focus on a group of thieves who plot to rob a rich and famous influencer only to end up caught in the whirlwind of fashion week in Paris. It’s said to be funny too.

While Joann has said that the film will only be “liberally based on the raid on Kim Kardashian”, it’s unclear how involved – if at all – Kim and her family are in the project. But given the impact the IRL incident had, they may want to be.

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