Kris Jenner Wants Blac Chyna Back - Spur Magazine

Kris Jenner Wants Blac Chyna Back

Black Chyna seems to be totally done with Rob Kardashian but Rob’s mom, Kris, has another plan for her son’s life and she says it will only work with Chyna on board.

After rumors spreading that Chyna is trying to get Tyga back since he’s split from Kylie, Jenner isn’t ready to let her go.

According to Star Magazine, the ratings for Keeping Up with the Kardashians have been in the dumps lately, and the family needs Rob and Chyna’s reality show to remain visible on the reality TV circuit.

Kris Jenner Wants Blac Chyna Back - Spur Magazine
Rob Kardashian Spends Time with Kris Jenner and Baby Dream Credit: Kim Kardashian/Snapchat

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So, Kris reportedly offered to pay Tyga’s child support only if Chyna agrees to get back with her son and besides, she well knows that if Rob and Chyna break up for good, their spin-off show will be done as well.

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