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Mowzey Radio Savagely Beaten In Bar Fight

Mowzey Radio aka Moses Ssekibogo of the Goodlyfe Crew is currently admitted to Case Clinic in the intensive care unit after a bar fight incident at Freedom Beach Entebbe left him begging for his dear life.

According to reports, the incident occurred yesterday after Mowzey picked a fight with Freedom’s beach bouncer who later carried out his duties by seriously pounding the Goodlyfe star to near death.

The witnesses at the beach claim that Mowzey started throwing bottles East and West, spilling liquor while insulting people at the venue. He later threatened to exchange punches with some of the people at the bar.

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The bar manager tried to calm down the situation but it was all in vain. It was that at the moment the bouncer’s intervened taking down Mowzey Radio in a spectacular physical brawl which left the crazy singer lying on the floor in pain.

He was immediately rushed to Nsambya Clinic unconscious and later transferred to Case Clinic where he is currently admitted.

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