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Sheebah Karungi Quitting Jeff Kiwa’s TNS


Sheebah Karungi and Jeff Kiwa have been having some issues with the two not seeing eye to eye anymore based on reports coming in from various sources and tabloids.

Its believed that the Team No Sleep star may have quit the record label after a series of fights with her manager, Jeff Kiwa in regards to claiming shares on a house she is living in and other pressing concerns.

However, according to Red Pepper, Sheebah and Jeff Kiwa have been having nonstop fights which has complicated their relationship forcing the TNS star to look for fresh pastures.

One should also note that, the same happened with Kiwa while he was managing Radio and Weasel under the Goodlyfe Crew which later led to bitter split with him threatening to take a share of their house which failed miserably.

Now, the same drama is happening with Sheebah who according to reports already started working with a new team to promote her music, quitting the managerial services of her long time manager Kiwa under TNS.

Sheebah Karungi might have already quit TNS leaving Jeff Kiwa behind

Based on reports by Blizz Ug, Sheebah recently released a song titled, ‘Ekyaama’ which is not under the Jeff Kiwa’s TNS label and is being promoted by a different management called SC Events and Management.

However, for a long time a number of reports have circulated within the media citing Jeff Kiwa as a manager who isn’t easy to work with due to his control issues with music artists. He’s also considered one of the best managers has keeps a tight leash on his projects to ensure that they succeed.

Sheebah Karungi Quitting Jeff Kiwa's TNS | Spurzine

Sheebah and Jeff Kiwa back in the day having a joyful moment together. | Spurzine

Despite the two having had a strong chemistry, Jeff and Sheebah may soon part ways after a long career of producing hit songs together.  Reports also state the Jeff is fighting to take the star’s house in Munyonyo claiming a 50% shareholding in the property.

Jeff has also claimed that he has rights to all of Sheebah’s music and she will be liable to a fine if she performs them without permission from TNS.

This is going to be one hell of a legal battle if the two decide to split and it will also make it even more interesting since there have been rumors about the two being more than just business partners.


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