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Are We Going to Ignore Vinka’s Mysterious Growing Booty?

Abange, have you seen Vinka’s mysterious ever-growing booty oba nedda? Or are we just going to pretend like we are not seeing it staring back in our faces.

Atte it has been growing since mid-2018, so that kind of refutes the wearing of an artificial butt inside the clothing, unless she is playing on our minds and adjusting sizes, but we doubt. That would be too wicked. Our Vinka can’t be that wicked.

Naye, it brings us to our other assumption, do you think she is using faco products? No, let us talk about these things.

Vinka Before Going Through Changes | Spurzine
Vinka Before Going Through Changes | Spurzine

Maybe she was just there after all the social media haters were saying mbu she looks like a man and that her behind is flat, then she saw those bu famous herbal ads on Spark and Bukedde, picked up her cellular and called.

Then overtime, the bintu grew, but usually faco bums be fat, soft and falling in a weird way like the silicon ones white babes get. Mazima, I’m not talking about Kim K.

However entertaining that idea might have been, the most plausible one we are thinking is that she hit the gym and did those famous butt exercises a lot of girls have been doing around the world. The ka booty usually comes out firm, well rounded and looking yum.

Vinka's New Bum | Spurzine
Before & After | Image from

The Ugandan artist formerly signed to Swangz Avenue and currently with Sony Music, must be getting some serious gym benefits n’ebigenderako.

Veronica Nalugya (Vinka) is tight lipped about how she got her new endowment and curves, but she is not afraid to flaunt it on social media and in her music promos to silence past haters like in her song with Winnie Nwagi, “Amaaso“.

Now we know why she sung, “oli ku birungo, ogudde ku sure.” So, what do you think, fake oba clear?

As usual for us we will be in the bumoli bringing you the juicy lugambo.


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Are We Going to Ignore Vinka’s Mysterious Growing Booty? 1

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