Zari Hassan celebrated her 39th birthday this year.

Zari Hassan Celebrates Birthday In Style

Zari Hassan recently celebrated her 39th birthday in glamour and style showing her fans what it means to party after party. The boss lady surely had a lot of fun and her Instagram was booming with pictures of the event causing fans run a little wild.

Zari rocked her birthday like it was a red-carpet event leaving some of the guests in awe. The bd bash was filled with posh cars, drinks and most importantly the so called slay queens and kings who are always right around the corner ready to slay at moment’s notice.

“Blessed and grateful to see another year. I could never pay you back Lord, all I can do I give my thanksgiving. Thank you for your grace,” – Zari.

This past year and a few months back, Zari has had her fair share of drama most especially her breakup with Diamond Platnumz which went viral bringing up all kinds of hate and love between the two love birds.

However, the boss lady has moved on and it seems like she isn’t interested in that kind of drama anymore. In one of her previous comments, she was quoted;

“Let’s get a few things straight. I was about to sleep and people keep sending me voice notes about Nasibu and how he went on his radio tarnishing me.”

I’m just here thinking if you guys are going to believe a word coming from a man like him, the same guy who denied his own blood, then you are also stup!d just like him,”

“Naomba tuheshimiane. Stay where you are, we are doing okay without you.”

Birthday pics

Zari is already past the Diamond fever and isn’t looking back anymore. Many friends and fans wished her a happy birthday except Diamond Platnumz, who hasn’t responded yet probably for his own reasons.

Let’s wait and see what happens on September 28, 2019 which marks it as the birthday date for ex-lover, Wema Sepetu.


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Zari Hassan Celebrates Birthday In Style 4

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