The Best UG Coronavirus Songs 2020 1

The Best UG Coronavirus Songs 2020

As the year 2020 dawned on us, many weren’t expecting to spend it indoors under strict guidelines due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that has engulfed the world. Governments and health agencies are doing their best to contain the situation through different means by informing the public about the deadly coronavirus, and how to keep […]

Bebe - Inna and Vinka Lyrics | Spurzine

Bebe – INNA and Vinka Lyrics

Intro: [INNA + Vinka] Vinka (Mon bébé) INNA baby (Mon bébé) Uganda, Romania (Mon bébé) Link up, let’s go, ra   Verse I: [INNA + Vinka] [INNA] Hé, toi avec le sweat noir Et allure de superstar T’es mon soleil tous le soirs Dis moi comment tu fais ça [Vinka] We ni kuu wa ajaabu Kila siku nakudata Njagala […]