Ykee Benda Opens Up About His Short-lived Relationship With Martha Kay | Spurzine

Ykee Benda Opens Up About His Short-lived Stint With Martha Kay

If 2021 hasn’t been exciting for you, then you’re in the wrong year. Ugandan musician Wycliffe Tugume aka Ykee Benda has opened up about his one-time affair with socialite Martha Kay real names Martha Kagimba.

According to Blizz Uganda, Ykee Benda revealed the juicy details in a recent interview citing how they were once together but it was during the time when they were both still single.

Many were fast to claim that Ykee had cheated on his baby mama Julie Batenga with Martha Kay, but according to ‘The Farmer” hitmaker, their relationship happened during a time when they were both single and therefore doesn’t constitute as an affair.

“For Martha Kay, it’s true it happened because I was single and she was single too. So, there’s no reason why we couldn’t have something together,” Ykee Benda said.

However, what’s interesting is that the two have never opened up about the reason as to why they broke up and never pursued their relationship further. The cause of the breakup is still unclear though some believe it could have been due to her nude pictures that leaked in 2019.

If you all remember the Martha Kay saga, she went through a difficult time when somehow her nude pics ended up online prompting wide media attention towards her, an experience no one should go through given the circumstances.

At the moment, Ykee Benda is with his longtime girlfriend, Julie Batenga and have a child (Dante) together. They have been together for a while now and reports state they intend to get married soon.

Ykee Benda admits him and Martha Kay were once a hot item

Ykee coming clean about the relationship with Martha Kay could be to help clear up the misinformation that has been floating around concerning him and her, and the fact that he may soon marry his long time love, Batenga.

Ykee Benda Opens Up About His Short-lived Relationship With Martha Kay | Spurzine
Martha Kay and Ykee Benda were once a hot item.

In 2o19, when Kay’s nudes went public and caused a storm on social media. Many condemned her, while a few supported her through the ordeal during a time which many took to social media to make all kinds of comments and claims about the socialite.

Martha Kay is a photographer by profession, and she is very active in that area. Reports state that she picked up the love for it after gaining inspiration from her sister. There hasn’t been any response from her regarding Ykee’s claims but we hope she clears up the matter.


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