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Zari Offers Scholarships To Brooklyn City College

Brooklyn City College was visited by an angel recently when Zari decided to offer the students of the college scholarships. The college is owned by Zari and Ivan Ssemwanga which is part of their business partnerships though their relationship is in shambles.

According to rumours, the businesses might be the sole reason Zari can’t officially dump Ivan and because the colleges are considered family businesses.

Zari’s love for children and her country has driven her passion to help Ugandans who can’t afford education. She made it public on her Facebook page when she granted about 30 slots to kids who can’t afford school fees at Brooklyn City College.

“We are officially open for new/2017 registrations. Details and courses we offer at I’ll personally give you a bursary if you are a good student but can’t afford school fees, terms & conditions apply,” she posted on her wall.

Students will benefit from the eight branches all over South Africa and the opportunity is open to all, although the former artiste, now socialite and fiancé to Diamond Platinumz didn’t explain the procedures on how to apply for a bursary.

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