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60 Kifeesi Crew Members See The Light of God

Miracles went flying East and West when suddenly around 60 Kifeesi crew members decided to turn to God and leave their dangerous life behind.

The names of theses people can’t be revealed as they were known to be among the groups that terrorized neighborhoods across Kampala and other nearby towns.

A lot of confessions were made with some admitting to killings, robberies and other imaginable destructive acts. Thankfuly with God’s grace, they’ve now turned from their kifeesi ways.

These are the people who have been terrorizing the city and villages around Kampala. Now they are servants of God,” said Pastor Robert Kayanja as he ushered on stage a group of youth.

The group had denounced their rogue life at the ongoing convention at the Miracle Centre Cathedral in Rubaga, a city suburb.

Based on sources, these were some of the kifeesi confessions;

I killed two cops —Kifeesi 1

I have killed two policemen. One was at the Martyrs shrine in Namugongo. I wanted to snatch a necklace from a white lady, but the policeman was standing in my way. I pushed him down the stairs and I don’t know what he hit his head on, but he died instantly.

The other was at Namboole stadium. We had become rowdy and the Police wanted us out of the stadium. During the scuffle, I hit one of the policemen and he fell on the ground and died. Since I started stealing in 2010, I have never been arrested, but I am tired. I repent.

The confessions were so many, you could feel the punch of Goliath a mile away. Sad and yet very gruesome stories were told at the cathedral in Rubaga.

We await to see more kifeesi crew members turn to God. We’re tired of losing our lives.


60 Kifeesi Crew Members See The Light of God 1

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