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Airtel Uganda & UTL Beefing Over Bad Deal

Airtel Uganda recently made threats to UTL (Uganda Telecom Limited) informing them that will suspend all outgoing and incoming calls from UTL customers to Airtel ones by February 3.

Airtel recently warned all its customers that they won’t be able to make or receive calls from UTL due to wrangles between the two telecom companies resulting from breach of inter-connection agreements.


UTL responded to the threat by issuing this statement,

“Uganda Telecom would like to assure its customers that every effort is being made to ensure no interruption in connectivity between Uganda Telecom and Airtel,” Kaboyo said.

“Customers can continue making and receiving calls from their Uganda Telecom lines to any network operator in the Country. Uganda Telecom remains committed to meeting its service obligations to its customers and business partners,” he added.

However, Airtel wasn’t in the moods to play around the matter and had made its threats clear since their inter-connection services and agreement had been terminated.


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Airtel’s response

“Airtel Uganda regrets to inform its customers that effective Friday, February 3, 2017, our subscribers will not be able to make calls to or receive calls from Uganda Telecom Limited (UTL). This is because the interconnection agreement and interconnection services between Airtel Uganda and UTL were terminated,” the public notice stated.

“We regret the inconvenience this might cause to our customers,” the management of Airtel added in their three-paragraph notice to customers.

The disagreement between these two will cause a lot of problems for customers one way or the other since the terms involved in their agreement aren’t clear to the public, we may see a lot unfavorable changes occur if they don’t sort their drama out.

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